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Rain for Sleeping and Relaxation

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Most of us, at some point or other, have trouble calming down at night and falling into a restful sleep. I love listening to rain when lying in bed at night – instead of giving in to my brain working overtime and going over things that happened during the day, the noise of rain gives my mind a rest and allows me to fall asleep.

The CD Rain for Sleeping and Relaxation is about a 1¼hr recording of rain. Just steady rain falling, no other noises. You might think that this would be a boring CD to listen to, but because it doesn’t have any other sound recordings, it is the perfect white noise to set your mind at ease. The quality of recording is excellent. This CD is part of Joe Baker’s Sounds of Nature series. Other of his rain recordings incorporate noises like approaching thunder and different levels of rain intensity.

Overall, you could use this CD to help you to fall asleep or even as background noise during your working day to collect and focus your thoughts.

Rain for Sleeping and Relaxation

Rain for Sleeping and Relaxation by Joe BakerThis product is manufactured on demand using CD-R recordable media.


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2 Responses to “Rain for Sleeping and Relaxation”
  1. Kerry D says:


    I agree 100% with the last reviewer, this is the very best rain cd that I have ever heard and bought. Over the years, I have purchased at least 30 rain recordings (plus ocean wave cds) and this one is among the very best. Just pure, real-sounding rain – no annoying birds, crickets, owls, etc, etc. Close your eyes and you will think you’re really hearing a rain shower outside. I was surprised and delighted !

    I also recommend Joe Baker’s other rain recording called, “The Sound of Summer Rain.” Both are equally great recordings.

  2. K-3 Teacher says:


    This is the sound of a calm, steady rain. This is a great recording for relaxing or sleeping. It’s a very simple recording – one long 73-minute track of nothing but steady rain. Its strong points are in what it does not have. It does not have birds, music, volume spikes, extraneous sounds, wind noise, thunder, or interruptions – just steady rain. The sound volume level is essentially constant throughout. The sound quality is fantastic. You can hear individual drops! A fade out at the end and a fade in at the beginning allow continuous play via using “repeat play.” This is the gentlest (Level 1) recording of rain in the four part rain series by “Sounds of Nature by Joe Baker.” Their “Level 2″ rain recording, though also quite gentle, has distant thunder and the rain varies in intensity.

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