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Kiss my Face Active Enzyme Deodorant

March 2, 2008 by  
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kiss my face deodorantKiss my Face makes an all natural deodorant that is pg free, that is lavendar scented.

The all natural ingredients – no artificial colors or fragrance, no animal products, biodegradable, and pH balanced.  On its own it has a lovely lavendar scent that is clearly the real deal. It has no aluminum.

This is one of the worst natural deodorants that I have tried!!! It was quite expensive ($5 a stick) and was touted at the health food store as being “top of the line”  However, the most that this product does is put a mild lavendar mask over your own body odor- and that didn’t even suceed very well!!! It didn’t work worth beans as far as perspiration control, and after one to two hours, I could smell distinct body odor!!! I wrote to the company (whom I have usually been impressed with) about my concerns.  They didn’t even bother responding- which also unimpressed me.  Don’t waste your money on this product!!!

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