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The Fertility Diet

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The Fertility Diet: Groundbreaking Research Reveals Natural Ways to Boost Ovulation and Improve Your Chances of Getting Pregnant

The book The Fertility Diet provides groundbreaking results of a study on the correlation between diet and fertility. The study was led by well-known scientists of The Harvard School of Public Health following over 20,000 female nurses. In their book the authors describe ten simple changes in your daily diet and activity levels that can increase your chances of pregnancy.

Some of the steps the authors talk about are as easy as avoiding trans fats and instead eating “good” fats. Incorporating more whole grains, beans and nuts into your diet, which are considered to be fertility-boosters. The reasons why red meat, refined carbs and bad fats can contribute to ovulatory infertility. The issues with sugared sodas on pregnancy and why full-fat milk (instead of skim milk) might increase your fertility levels.

All in all, I find that this book makes a very interesting read and provides you with lots of suggestions and advice on how to boost your fertility levels. I really like the weeklong sample diet and recipes that are included in this book to help you on your way to achieve the best possible basis to become pregnant. The suggested diet and changes are not only good for women who want to conceive, but encourage a lifetime of healthy eating during and after pregnancy.

Overall, if you are worried about your own fertility levels, this book is not a cure to become pregnant instantly, but it helps you to understand the correlation between healthy living and fertility and how minor changes can make a huge impact on your fertility levels.

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